About NOM

NOM (Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia) is responsible for carrying out and reporting the national readership figures for daily newspapers and magazines. It reports average issue readership (AIR), which is a currency for newspapers and magazines in The Netherlands and the average circulationfigures and digital censusdata of newspapers, magazines and business magazines. NOM is organized as a Joint Industry Committee (JIC), consisting of four participant organisations: NDP Nieuwsmedia (the association of newspapers), MMA Magazine Media Associatie (association of periodical press), bvA (association of advertisers) and PMA (association of media-buying agencies). NOM was founded in 2001.

NOM produces two main surveys: NMO Print & Merken Monitor (the readership survey) and NOM Doelgroep Monitor (the single source consumer survey); these two are combined in the NMO Print & Merken Monitor/DGM, which includes readership figures, socio-demographic characteristics and consumer characteristics of the respondents. This survey is published four times a year and has a sample of 17.000 Dutch individuals of 13 years and older. Readership is measured with the Specific Issue Readership method; NOM is one of the first surveys in the world that adopted this innovative method for measuring Average Issue Readership. Both readership and consumer survey are carried out by Ipsos.

NOM is a member of EMRO (European Media Research Organisation), i-jic (international organization of JIC’s), MOA (National association for market research) and of ESOMAR. NOM actively participates in Print And Digital Research Forum (former Worldwide Readership Research Symposium).

For more information about NOM or its surveys please contact Ton Schoonderbeek, managing director or call the NOM office: +31-208204434.


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