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NOM (Nationaal Onderzoek Multimedia) is responsible for carrying out and reporting the national readership figures for daily newspapers and magazines. It reports average issue readership (AIR), which is a currency for newspapers and magazines in The Netherlands and the average circulationfigures and digital censusdata of newspapers, magazines and business magazines. NOM is organized as a Joint Industry Committee (JIC), consisting of four participant organisations: NDP Nieuwsmedia (the association of newspapers), NUV Groep Publiekstijdschriften (association of periodical press), BVA (association of advertisers) and PMA (association of media-buying agencies). NOM was founded in 2001.

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NOM reports readership figures NPM 2019-II

NOM has reported the average readership figures "NOM Print Monitor 2019-II" the 27nd of June. You can retrieve the topline readership figures in the NOM Dashboard.

You can find the reportschedule with te future NOM reports in the table below.

NOM report (Est.) Publicationdate   
NOM Circulation 2018 Q2 t/m 2019 Q1 June 2019
NOM NPM 2019-II (Readership figures National Media)      June 2019
NOM Circulation 2018 Q3 t/m 2019 Q2 September 2019
NOM NPM 2019-III (Readership figures National Media)      September 2019
NOM Circulation 2018 Q4 t/m 2019 Q3 January 2020
NOM NPM 2019-IV (Readership figures National Media)  January 2020


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